Anticelulite Massage

45 MINUTES – 400 AED

Feel terrific and look good with the anti-cellulite massage techniques offered at Armonia Spa, Dubai. The cellulite treatment is bound to relax your body and at the end of a session, it will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Your body will look more toned as the cellulite treatment removes the fluid retention in the body by eliminating the toxins it has accumulated over the years, and the fat will be considerably reduced.

It is not possible to pinpoint the exact history of anti-cellulite massage, but various forms of this massage has been around for thousands of years. The difference in the anti cellulite massage technique with other techniques is that the masseurs apply intensive pressure to remove the dead skin cells and facilitate lymphatic drainage.

Through professional massage techniques, it is possible to disperse the fat cells beneath your skin in an even manner, so they will not be concentrated in one area and bulge out.

Indulging in the right form of cellulite treatment is important to make your skin look smooth and supple. Being a multi-faceted approach, it is important to consult with the professional masseurs before choosing the best treatment.

Get in touch with our experts in cellulite massage services at our spa in Dubai, and feel the difference it makes on your skin today. We have some exciting deals just for your benefit.


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