Hot Stone Massage

75 MINUTES – 600 AED

Armonia offers the best hot stone massage services in Dubai for people wishing to remove tensions and worries in the most relaxing and soothing manner.

The usage of stones to relax the tensed muscles in the body is not an old technique, but was an important healing therapy right from the times of the Chinese. In fact, the real history of this technique dates back to thousands of years. And it was Chinese who used this technique 2000 years ago to improve the function of the body’s internal organs. The popularity of this relaxing technique later spread to Europe, Egypt, India, North America and South America.

Each of the hot stone massages in Armonia, Dubai lasts for about 1 and 1/2 hours, where water heated stones are placed at strategic parts of the body. The massage therapists follow this by a customized massage for a complete and refreshing healing effect.

The trick behind this technique is that it can aid in blood circulation followed by a sedative effect that can cure chronic pain in the muscles. You can instantly feel your tension literally melting away, leaving you with a deeply relaxed feel. The wonder benefit of a hot stone massage is that you can perform better at work, enjoy fulfilling relationships and be successful in whatever you do, as you are more relaxed then.

We have some excellent deals in hot stone massage therapy sessions in Dubai with the added advantage of a healthy body at the end of the day.


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