تدليك التصريف اللمفاوي

تدليك التصريف اللمفاوي

60 MIN – 545 AED
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Organs, lymph nodes and vessels make up the lymphatic system in the human body. These nodes are important in flushing out the dirt and garbage collected within the body. After a surgery, there is every chance that you may feel heavy or bloated for no reason at all. This could be because lymph fluids are being stored in excess in a particular part of the body. It can affect you in a negative way and make you feel low in energy or feel overweight all of a sudden thus reducing your activities. If this is the case, you need not worry as at Armonia Spa we have a solution for you.

The expertly trained massage therapists here will make sure that they will work on areas that are bloated and reduce the effects of the fluid buildup. The method of the massage is to use gentle and smooth strokes as well as pressure techniques which are targeted towards healing the system. This type of treatment will help you look slimmer as you feel a lot less bloated. It will also increase the energy you have and will make sure you are completely relaxed.

This massage is a great way to eliminate and get rid of different toxins and waste. You can find an increase in metabolism which will help you have a calming effect on your body. With the help of this treatment, you can improve the activity of your immune system. Water that is stored unnecessarily in your body can also be drained easily by this practice. At Armonia Spa, you can get a series of sessions at an affordable price and make sure that you are not plagued by the increase of lymph fluids in your body.

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