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Why the body becomes sore during a massage

Why the body becomes sore during a massage

A number of people feel sore after getting a massage while a large majority seem to be after a therapeutic massage. What’s the reason behind it? Let us tell you! Many people feel soreness in their body muscles if they are getting a massage for the very first time.

The reason for soreness is that the muscles are experiencing things that are never experienced before. Your muscles are kneaded, squeezed, and moved using different motions. All these kneadings tend to release the metabolic wastes already stored in the soft tissues and muscles.

These unwanted materials are being squeezed from the soft tissues using the special massage techniques. Sometimes a massage stirs you up and although there isn’t anything to worry about, a number of people can be affected by soreness of muscles resulting in uneasy movements.

According to experts, a deep therapeutic massage has more chances of leaving your muscles sore as compared to a lighter one. But sometimes your body demands a deep massage to give your muscles a new life and flush all the toxic materials from them.

Soreness duration

Usually, soreness after a massage start within a few hours and may stay for a couple of days. Most people are relieved of it after 2-3 days and for some people, it can take longer. Remember, if you are getting a massage after a long period of time then it will just feel like you are having it for the first time. Normally it is the first massage that causes trouble and things ease on from there.

If you are getting regular sessions of massage periodically then you won’t feel the soreness and in fact, you will feel the pleasure and enjoy the benefits of it. Frequent massage therapies are ideal and advised for optimal results as not only the body gets used to the kneading and rubbing etc. but you get more health advantages.

Special needs and what to do

We all know that every individual has a different body and the therapist must use those specific techniques that are suited to your body. After getting a massage what you need to do is to drink plenty of water. Water flushes the waste through your kidneys. These wastes are released by the massage and keep you healthy and leave your body non-toxic.

Drinking fluids in large quantity is always advised by the experts as it aids your body against soreness. Other ways to get rid of soreness are by using ice or heat, this way you are not only relieving yourself from the pain but also the uneasy movements are mitigated.

A light and entire body massage is the one to go for if you are experiencing it for the first time or are doing it after a long time. In the end, don’t forget to talk your therapist about how you feel, what kind of kneading and rubbing are you comfortable with and how long you want it.


In the end, it is advisable to drink more water than normal after having a massage. Get yourself massaged more often as compared to visiting your massage therapist after a long time. Have a clear and decisive communication with your therapist about how you feel and what you need.

Only in this way you are less likely to experience soreness caused by massage.

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