Lymphatc Drainage Massage

Lymphatc Drainage Massage

60 MINUTES – 525 AED

If you are looking to pamper your body in the most professional and fulfilling manner, Armonia Spa offers the best Lymphatic Massage services in Dubai.

The purpose of a lymphatic massage is to give and intense wellness treatment to patrons so they can get relief to all ailments related to the body’s lymphatic system.

Emil Vodder and his wife, Estrid Vodder from Denmark developed the first even known lymphatic massage technique, after he published his findings in 1935. They are credited with pioneering a technique known as lymphology, which involves developing innovative methods to provide treatments through massages. Interestingly, it was only 347 years later those patients were first tried and tested for this process.

An innovative kind of lymphatic drainage massage was developed in Germany to remove the fluid collection in the lympahtic nodes. The waste fluids are removed through gentle massaging techniques.

Through proper lymphatic drainage massage sessions, you can eliminate the toxins from your body, improve circulation and create a deep sense of relaxation for the body and mind.

Check out our deals for a rejuvenating lymphatic massage and give your body that much needed love and rest. With our legacy of wellness programs, we can provide you with the best service at affordable rates.


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