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Classic Mani/Pedi- 180 AED
Polish change- 50 AED

Are you bored with the kind of nails you have? If you feel like your nails need a special treatment so that you can be the life of any party, then come over to Armonia Spa. At one of the most affordable rates in Dubai, we provide professional manicures which will completely change the way you look and feel. Fingernails are something that is the first noticed when a person walks through the door and sits down. You can cover bad looking toenails but there’s nothing you can do about ugly fingernails.

The manicure is a process which begins with the nails and hand being soaked in water to moisten the fingertips and cuticles. This is then followed by a buffing practice which will make sure your nails are even. After this, the nails are filed down to the desired shape and size. You can also have additional techniques added to this treatment like a hand or arm massage followed by a covering the fingers in paraffin wax for softening. A french manicure is a style in which an artificial fingernail is placed over the finger and then painted on as required by the customer.

Nail art has become extremely popular nowadays with many celebrities who do extensive work on their fingernails. The procedure of manicure is not over with just cleaning of the fingertips, as nail polish is also an important factor to consider. People nowadays even get piercings on their nails along with gemstones and different colored foil being attached to increase the swag factor. No matter what the need of the client, here at Armonia Spa, we are proud to say that we offer the most desirable manicures in the city at the most competitive prices.


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