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Full body with bikini- 500 AED

Half arm- 70 AED
Full arm- 100 AED
Under arm- 40 AED
Half legs- 80 AED
Full legs- 110 AED
Bikini line- 70 AED
Full bikini – 260 AED
Full back- 110 AED
Full chest- 160 AED
Full body with bikini – 5000 AED
Full face- 100 AED

The appearance of unwanted hair on your body can be an embarrassing thing to go through. Whether it is a bit of hair above your upper lip, a connected eyebrow or hair on your arms, feet and private parts. Nowadays, both women and men prefer to undergo waxing to get rid of hair growth. If you have not done this before at a spa or salon, then your first time can get a bit awkward. At Armonia Spa, our beauty experts understand that your experience is what matters the most and are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

Waxing is considered to be the safest method of removing hair as it directly plucks them out from the roots. There are many styles of waxing you can opt for at Armonia Spa. You can just go with waxing your face or even a targeted area like underarms or forearms. We have the most competitive price around so even if you want to get a full body waxing, we can assure you that it will be in your budget. The “Bikini Wax” is one of the most popular styles of waxing and it includes getting rid of hair along the line of the bikini. When you come in for this waxing technique, you can wear your own bikini or underwear, or you can also choose to wear a disposable one that we provide.

The other more favored waxing treatment is the “Brazilian Wax” and in this procedure, all the hair is removed. If you want some hair to remain on your body, then please be sure to tell our beauty specialist. Most women who choose this option want to leave a little hair in certain areas and this is completely understandable. At Armonia Spa, we strive to make sure that the waxing process is painless and comfortable.


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