Aromatherapy Massage in Abu Dhabi

Aromatherapy Massage in Abu Dhabi

60 MIN - 545 AED
90 MIN - 755 AED

There comes a time in everyone’s life when clutter and stress will leave us unhappy. We find it really hard to sleep at nights and diseases follow us around non-stop. An Aromatherapy massage can rid you of all the above-mentioned ailments. The client can choose between 60-minutes or the more indulging 90 minutes. You have to find a way to be at one with yourself and aromatherapy is the best method to achieve this. Positive thoughts are harbored in this massage and it totally relaxes the client. There is a certain sense of peace and balance when the therapist carefully mixes essential oils specially designed to calm and soothe you. During this type of massage, the highly concentrated essential oils are inhaled or absorbed through the skin. You are finally rid of any anxious thoughts and can finally let all negativity leave your mind.

Aromatherapy has been found to cure insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, depression and headaches. The mind is directly connected to the body and wellness of them both depend on how you treat yourself. The essential oils have a positive effect on the respiratory system and raises the immunity level. If you continually get this type of massage, then it will definitely help you sleep better and also improve your general health. This treatment is also known to stabilize blood pressure whether it be low or high.