Bamboo Massage in Abu Dhabi

Bamboo Massage in Abu Dhabi

75 MIN - 755 AED

The fast-growing plant of bamboo has been used in therapeutic methods for hundreds of years in South-East Asian countries. The people there believe that it symbolizes life, prosperity and fertility. It is still being used as a much-wanted beauty ingredient all over the world. Bamboo sticks have been used for massage techniques since a very long time. The hollow pieces are cut in different lengths and sizes mostly varying between four and fifteen inches. The outside of these shoots are covered in naturally occurring silica. Organic silica is the best cure-all for skin problems, joint pain and can be used to heal tendons and bones.

The size of the stick depends on where the practitioner uses it to massage the client. The longer ones are used on the back to roll and relieve the tension areas. The smaller sized sticks are used to focus on key problem regions. The therapist will knead the muscles and the knots formed in them so that they become loose. There are many benefits to the bamboo massage which include stimulation of blood circulation, better sleep patterns and a smoother respiratory system. This massage lasts for 75 minutes and is longer than the other types of treatments.

The mind of a person is unique and at most times we are thinking about many things at the same time. This particular type of massage helps to calm and soothe the racing mind. A buildup of lactic acid in the body can prove to be poisonous. The bamboo treatment removes lactic acid and helps in reducing pain which is associated with it. If you are a person who loves outdoor activities but cannot participate because of sore muscles, then this is the best technique for you.