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Beauty SPA in Abu Dhabi

Beauty salon Armonia offers a wide range of services to every beauty connoisseur! Here you can get high-quality care and eliminate various flaws through professional procedures. Our specialists work tirelessly to make the world more beautiful and our visitors happier.

Best Beauty Salon - Abu Dhabi

Every day, our salon opens its doors for every customer to receive the professional services they need. Your appearance affects your mood, and sometimes you might want a complete makeover, a stylish hairdo, a new manicure or grooming your body.

In any case, we can realize any of whatever your desire in the salon Armonia. Our specialists will not only transform your appearance according to your wish. They also create a unique look and improve your health. We can safely say that we are one of the best salons in Abu Dhabi. Effective cosmetic products and professional salon equipment allow us to achieve excellent results. Each of our clients will be 100% satisfied with the provided services.

The main advantages of our salon are a cosy atmosphere, quietness and comfort, polite and responsive masters, high-quality service as well as reasonable prices. Relax, distract from your daily routine and transform yourself with us.

Why is Armonia the Best salon in Abu Dhabi?

You may face various challenges when choosing the best salon, from location to service cost. If you haven't found your beauty centre yet, you can safely turn to the professionals at Armonia. We are chosen due to the following advantages:

  • Pleasant environment;
  • Excellent location - Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort, Mezzanine Floor, Abu Dhabi;
  • Highly qualified specialists;
  • Using certified materials that have proven themselves among the clients;
  • Modern apparatus equipment for a variety of innovative care procedures;
  • A wide range of services makes it possible to solve almost any cosmetological problem.

If you choose our beauty salon, you will be pleased not only with the procedure result but also with the process of the selected manipulation.

Salt & Oil Scrub

It is the dream of almost every girl to have attractive, velvety smooth skin. You can achieve this positive effect as a result of regular body scrubbing. With its help, it is possible to:

  • eliminate keratinized cells;
  • activate blood circulation;
  • remove the "orange peel";
  • make your skin soft and velvety.

The most popular scrub option is the salt and oil scrub. The abrasive component in this tool is sea salt, which contains beneficial elements for the skin: magnesium, iron, iodine, and calcium. This is the main advantage of the salt and oil scrub compared to the sugar and coffee scrub. It is possible to eliminate excess oedema and remove excessive volumes and cellulite with this procedure. The scrub has an antibacterial effect. Particular trace elements in the salt allow you to remove pain in the muscle tissues, overcome migraines and eliminate cramps. Regularly undergoing this procedure in our salon makes your skin firmer and smoother.


Palms and feet are the best way to show how well a person takes care of themselves. Our salon's experienced specialists will be delighted to give you a professional manicure and pedicure that will stay beautiful and fresh for up to 4 weeks. The specialist will do a quality treatment of nails and feet and make a unique design of the nail plate. Our masters provide a wide range of services:

  • pedicure and manicure: it can be hardware, classical, combined, or Brazilian (this applies to women's and men's);
  • nail coating (base and top);
  • french design;
  • long-lasting coating, gel varnish, gel;
  • removal of the old decorative coating;
  • correction of ingrown toenails on the feet;
  • exfoliation of hands and feet.

Our manicurist will assess the condition of the nails on the hands and feet and give professional advice. We offer a wide range of services so that every client can choose the best option for themselves, depending on their capabilities and preferences.

Herbal Wraps for a slim body

Herbal wraps are actively used in programs of cleansing, correction of silhouette, and restoration of skin. We provide herbal wraps with a different plant mix alongside other beauty salon services. We use original herbal mixtures, which effectively fight the "orange peel" on the body and break up subcutaneous fat deposits.

With a course of this wrap, you can reduce weight by breaking down fat. In addition, the mixture of herbs allows you to cleanse the skin, has a toning effect, and saturates the skin with nutrients, significantly improving its structure. The skin becomes healthier-looking and gets amazing silky and soft.

The main positive properties of herbal wraps are:

  • weight loss and correction of the silhouette;
  • relaxing effect;
  • detoxification;
  • purification of the skin;
  • elimination of cellulite;
  • thermotherapy by warming the body.

On average, this procedure takes about 90 minutes. Herbal wraps use mostly plants and herbs in dry or fresh form. These herbs are soaked in aromatic oil and applied to the whole body or individual problem areas.

In addition to a noticeable positive effect on the skin and appearance, herbal wraps positively affect the emotional state. It allows you to relieve stress and promote relaxation. After applying the herbal mixture, the body is wrapped in the film for a more pronounced effect. The sauna client is covered with a blanket for 30 minutes. This treatment helps to saturate the skin with beneficial substances and improve its elasticity.

Skin Care Shouldn't Stress You Out

When stress and time pressures are part and parcel of many people's lives, it's hard to find the time to follow steps to stay young and attractive. If you noticed the first signs of age changes or fatigue in the mirror, it's time to turn for help to the experts - to the Salon Armonia.

Professional cosmetologists assert that you should start skin care as early as your teenage years. It is necessary to properly cleanse the skin and struggle against imperfections caused by unstable hormonal conditions. From 20, teenage skin problems disappear, and age-related changes are still invisible. But that doesn't mean you can ignore skin care. It is in the 20-25 years to prevent the appearance of problems.

Our professional beauticians help every day with their advice and procedures to restore the attractiveness of the skin and keep it young. Professional care involves a variety of methods:

  • deep moisturizing;
  • seasonal care manipulations;
  • express skin care procedures;
  • unique masks.

We can confidently assert that our cosmetologists are the only real experts who know how to organize skin care without unnecessary stress properly. Under the responsive guidance of real professionals will be able to conduct a makeover with a guaranteed positive outcome. An additional bonus will be expert advice on caring for your particular skin type.

Beautify your skin with facial treatments

Professional salon facial treatment is a modern procedure aimed at improving the skin condition, slowing down the ageing process and other changes, eliminating swellings, and fighting rosacea, acne, and pimples.

It is possible to get your face in a proper state before a celebration, important meeting, or another event through skilled skin care. In addition, skin care enhances recovery from traumatic procedures: different types of cleansing, peels, hardware resurfacing, and beauty injections. The regular treatment makes it possible to achieve a permanent anti-ageing effect, preventing skin ageing.

These procedures are excellent for removing sebum from pores and fighting inflammation. In addition, these manipulations are helpful and necessary for regular visits to the tanning bed before going on vacation and upon arrival. During this period, our skin needs excellent hydration and intensive nourishment.

A skincare treatment is also an excellent opportunity to spend time away from mundane tasks and work to focus on your beauty and health. Often facials involve a gentle massage that soothes fatigue, promotes relaxation and allows nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Quality skin care involves several processes:

  1. Cleansing and toning;
  2. Warming massage to open the lymphatic ducts, activating the vessels;
  3. Gentle peeling to open pores and remove impurities and dead particles;
  4. The appropriate type of mask: for hydration, regeneration, nutrition, drying, etc.;
  5. Application of therapeutic cosmetics: cream, serum, and others.

Please consult our cosmetologist to learn more about the best procedure for your face type.

Nail care

The condition of hands indicates the neatness of a woman. Therefore it is necessary to monitor the state of the nails and give them a neat shape as well as a healthy shine. Nails can be cared for in a variety of ways:

  • European manicure;
  • Hardware;
  • Classical;
  • Combined.

In addition to the nail care itself, you can also perform various procedures to maintain the health and beauty of your hands: mask, peeling, massage, and paraffin therapy.


Removing unwanted hairs from the skin is a real problem for every woman (or even some men). You can remove hair in different areas: legs, armpits, bikini, and others. Often waxing is used for this purpose, which provides smooth and silky skin for quite a long time.

Waxing involves applying a layer of heated wax on the skin with hair, and a strip is attached on top. The wax seeps between the hairs quickly enough, soaking them. In the process of hardening, it firmly embraces them. When the wax has hardened, the master abruptly tears off the strip of cloth together with the hairs. As for the painful sensations, they are minimal during the presented procedure.

Henna Design

Temporary henna tattoo (also often called Mehendi) - the process of applying henna to the skin in the form of specific patterns. These tattoos are painless. The image remains on the skin for about 14 days, depending on the treatment of the tattoo. Masters of our beauty salon offer professional henna painting services. They can perform a variety of large and modest-sized drawings on any part of the body. We use hypoallergenic henna to apply tattoos. In any case, before applying the product, we test the client for allergic reactions.

Body massage

With the help of professional massage sessions, it is possible to solve several problems: to reduce body volume by several centimetres, return elasticity and silkiness to the skin, and get a burst of energy and strength.

Massage is one of the most pleasant and useful procedures. With its help, you can wake up ideally after a working day and fill the body with vitality and energy. A professional massage can eliminate fatigue and muscle pain and activate blood circulation. The skin becomes more attractive, smooth, and taut. After a course of massages from our specialists, you can significantly improve your well-being and maintain the beauty and health of your body.

Our masters excel in various massage techniques. They can give a general classic massage, lymph drainage, anti-cellulite, and other types of massage, so our client may choose any procedure. The skilful hands of our professional masseurs create miracles. You only need to select the appropriate service from the list and make an appointment for a session.

Hair Care

Only regular and proper hair care can achieve smooth and silky curls. Entrusting the care of your hair to the true professionals of our beauty salon, you can be sure to achieve the desired result in just a few treatments. With the help of specialized and proper care, you will be able to:

  • eliminate dandruff;
  • get rid of oily curls;
  • give your hair back its shine, attractiveness, and volume;
  • to activate the growth;
  • to reduce hair loss.

The best and most attractive result can be obtained only by combining several care procedures. Our masters will help you to determine which treatments are more suitable for your hair type.

Skin Care

Proper skin care often includes a visit to a beauty salon. The professional will competently choose the necessary skin care products and the type of procedure based on the age, defects, and clients' needs. Most often, skin care involves the following procedures:

  • Wrapping - allows you to fight cellulite, reduces weight, and tightens the skin, making it firmer and smoother;
  • Scrubbing - an obligatory process for exfoliating dead skin particles, allowing the skin to breathe better, cosmetic products penetrate deeper into the skin and work more efficiently;
  • RF-LIFTING - a procedure to rejuvenate, tighten and firm the skin;
  • SPA-care - implies hydro-massage to remove stretch marks, extra centimetres, and cellulite.

Proper skin care often includes the use of special innovative equipment. Our specialists know how to work with this technique and use it efficiently to achieve excellent results in the form of radiant and healthy skin.

It is important to remain positive because beauty comes from the inside out

Behind all these treatments, it's worth remembering that to be attractive; you should also stay beautiful from the inside out. Work not only on your body and your appearance, but also try to radiate positively. You can get an energy boost in the course of regular self-care. The staff of our salon is always ready to help with this issue.

Love yourself

We understand our clients' desires and offer professional care services for your beauty and well-being. Self-love begins with taking care of your body and looking good. You can start small - get a manicure or change your hair. Over time, you can move on to a course of massage, wraps, and other procedures. If you love yourself, those around you will love you back.

Find a Time

Neglecting yourself is effortless, primarily if a significant part of your life is associated with work or home. The lack of time affects the attractiveness of your appearance. Sacrificing your beauty in favour of work or home affairs is the last thing on your mind. You do not have to spend much time at the salon cause you can allocate only one day in your busy schedule for a complete upgrade or do the procedure on different days.

Anyway, try to find time for self-care, and the masters of our salon will do the rest. We guarantee each client an individual approach and high-quality services.