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Massages in Abu Dhabi

There are many reasons for people to consider getting a massage in Abu Dhabi. You may think of this healing procedure after a stressful day, a nervous breakdown, an emotionally challenging life period, strenuous training, or an unusual sleep pattern. Different types of massage can help you relax or, in contrast, re-gain energy.

Whether your aim and needs, Armonia Spa can come in handy if you're looking for professional spa services in Abu Dhabi. We can boast a team of experienced masseuses and professional equipment to make you entirely comfortable and satisfied. Our professionals can offer you a wide array of techniques and types - from classic and Swedish ones to a unique hot stone, bamboo, or Bagua treatment. We do our best to make sessions meet your needs and provide friendly service at affordable prices in a harmonious environment. So, don't hesitate to call Armonia Spa center for a detailed consultation or schedule an appointment at a convenient time.

Our utmost services in Abu Dhabi include:

  • lava shell massage
  • bagua
  • bamboo therapy
  • four-hand & couple massage
  • shiatsu
  • hot stone
  • deep tissue
  • aroma & relax massage

Lava Shell Massage in Abu Dhabi

Relaxing Lava shell therapy is done with the help of re-cycled tiger clam shells, so this type of eco-friendly spa treatment suits those who prefer relaxation with totally natural tools and means. A genuine activator gel or liquid is inserted into the shell to keep the heat level for over an hour, making the uptake of valuable minerals and vital elements faster and more efficient.

Bagua Session

If you think choosing one technique or approach is insufficient to get the best effect, the Bagua treatment is your top pick. It combines more than 200 massage techniques, and the result is solid and stable until the next spa session.

Bamboo Massage in Abu Dhabi

As one can easily guess from the name, bamboo massage in Abu Dhabi uses bamboo sticks of different lengths and sizes as its primary tool. These pieces are covered in silica, which is good for curing skin problems and pain.

Four Hands Massage

Treatment from one Armonia Spa masseuse is undoubtedly excellent, though a four hands therapy is a much more fantastic experience. Two professional masseuses work in sync to give you more energy and healing.

Hot Stone

Hot stone massage's primary tools are heated basalt stones. Native Americans historically used this healing technique, and now this natural spa method is used to make our clients completely relaxed and rested.


Shiatsu is a theory that believes that our body consists of energy called 'chi' that can be blocked and lead to pain or illnesses. The shiatsu massage successfully releases these blocks and balances chi. So, booking this type of session in Abu Dhabi is a must if you need to recover your vital energy.

Aromatherapy in Abu Dhabi

Aromatherapy is a traditional part of therapy against anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. The essential oils, the basis of this spa method, positively affect the respiratory and immunity systems. Aromatherapy massage in Abu Dhabi will help you overcome insomnia and enhance your state in general.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage in Abu Dhabi removes knots formed in muscles because of strain and stress. So, it helps with overcoming anxiety and facilitates injury rehabilitation.

Full Body Therapy

Full body massage in Abu Dhabi equals a personalized service considering every client's personal preferences and requirements. It is accompanied by rubbing cream or oil and diverse techniques for releasing pressure and tightness in muscles. Such therapy significantly improves flexibility and overall relaxation.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage originated in Sweden and is one of the most globally well-known spa and healing techniques. Its primary purpose is to relax the whole body and bring emotional relief simultaneously. So, you can be sure that if you select such therapy in Abu Dhabi, you will be delighted with the result and become a regular client of the Armonia Spa.

Relax Massage in Abu Dhabi

Not every kind of massage aims to relieve pain or relax muscles. Some spa procedures strive to calm clients and make them feel more comfortable, toxin-free, and emotionally relaxed. The so-called relax massage usually also includes pleasant music and soothing essential oils.

Couple Therapy

If you want to surprise your partner with a special gift or share pleasant feelings with your significant other, the couple massage in Abu Dhabi is what you need. It can allow you and your partner to experience a luxurious and romantic spa treatment.