Salt & Oil Scrub in Abu Dhabi

Salt & Oil Scrub in Abu Dhabi

30 MIN - 270 AED

The skin has been taken care of in extraordinary ways for centuries. Exfoliation was performed using many techniques over the years. In the time of the Middle Ages, the people used wine which was the most commonly available exfoliator they knew. Fast forward to the 21st century, salt and oils have been combined to give the skin a glow which cannot be attained through normal procedures. Salt is an essential ingredient which takes care of deep scrubbing and keeping the body moist and fresh. The combination of oils along with salt is the best way to moisturize the face and body.

Those people with oily skin believe that an oil inclusive massage is not good for them. This is far from the case because the oil will help in producing a cleansing system that will clear your skin. At Armonia Spa, you can choose from two of our most popular salt and oil scrubs. The first one is the “Argan Oil and Honey Scrub” and this is the most often selected choice. When used in the right way, this scrub will help in reviving the pores along with removing dead skin and impurities leaving the body smooth and soft.

The second option for clients is the “Lime and Lemongrass Scrub” which is the way to go if you have had a tough week behind you. This is a zesty and tangy option having citrus effects of lime along with the medicinal advantages of the tropical grass. It is sure to help the body feel polished and rejuvenated. The salt and oil scrub is sure to be gentle on your skin and a soothing experience, but salt can be abrasive so if it feels too harsh don’t be afraid to let the beauty expert know. Your chance at a glowing and vibrant skin is just a phone call away, so book your treatment at Armonia Spa now!

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