Wellness Massage in Abu Dhabi

Wellness Massage in Abu Dhabi

60 MIN - 545 AED
90 MIN - 755 AED

Wellness Massage at Armonia Spa

Clients who book a wellness massage in in Abu Dhabi at our center will receive a personalized service tailored to their individual needs and requirements. As one of the most popular spa treatments globally, wellness massage involves the rubbing of cream or oil into the skin.

This helps to release pressure and tightness in muscles, improve flexibility, and relax the body and mind. Since every person has different requirements, our bespoke service lends itself to individual preferences. We can apply soft or medium pressure or a combination of both.

Many clients want us to target specific body areas, such as the shoulders, neck, and lower back. People who participate in sports or sit at a computer for many hours usually have tight, sore muscles. Our service is perfect for increasing the range of motion and promoting quicker recovery time.

Therapeutic Benefits of Wellness Massage

Wellness massage has both physical and psychological benefits. The main physical benefits of massage include less tightness and soreness in muscles and a greater range of motion for muscle groups. But there are also other physical therapeutic benefits, such as decreasing blood pressure, improving blood circulation, enhancing oxygen levels in the blood, and promoting normal immune system function.

The psychological benefits of massage are as important as the physical. The vast majority of clients want relief from muscle tension, but they also want to reduce their levels of stress. Massage is a great treatment for the mind. Most clients benefit from increased energy, a more optimistic outlook, and fewer occurrences of anxiety.

The Wellness Massage Procedure

At Armonia Spa, we always create a warm, welcoming and relaxing environment for every client. The massage procedure is done in a private setting, either in silence or with relaxing music – depending on the client’s preferences. Cream or oil is used to moisten the skin and prevent friction during the massage process.

Our friendly, qualified European massage therapists can massage all of the main muscle groups, or just concentrate on a particular problem area. We take the time to listen to clients and adjust our approach to meet every person’s individual requirements.


For maximum relaxation, health benefits, and a release from muscle tension, a wellness massage is a popular and effective treatment. Clients walk away from our spa feeling energized, relaxed, and refreshed to take on the day.

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