Advantages of massage therapy

Advantages of massage therapy

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage is beneficial in several ways. Some of the benefits of massage therapy are mentioned below:

It is relaxing

When you are in pain, tension, stress, your body started releasing stress hormones (cortisol). This condition results in sleeplessness, weight gain, headache and digestive issues etc. But a massage therapy will decrease the level of stress hormone and recover your mind and body from the above ailments.

Can help lower blood pressure

Regular sessions of massage therapy are proved helpful in reducing your blood pressure level. It is believed that consistent massage sessions reduce both upper and lower numbers of blood pressure. It also helps to reduce anxiety, tension, depression, and hostility. Lower blood pressure levels decrease the chances of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and many more diseases.

Promotes muscles relaxation

A massage therapy will eliminate tense muscles, increase flexibility and hence reduce the body pain. It also provides circulation to injured body muscles. Massage provides nutrients and oxygen to damaged tissues. The massage therapies release pain-killing hormones and encourage serotonin levels in the body.

Boost immunity system of the body

It is found that the people who experience more stress are unprotected from illness and injury and it makes the immune system weaker. Regular massage sessions improve the immunity system’s ability to produce natural killer cells and enhance the body’s ability to deliver nourishment.

Help improve body posture

Many people experience back, neck and muscle pain. The main cause of such pains is the poor or wrong body posture. Chronic back pain often causes because of disability or poor postures while standing or sitting. As a result of bad posture, it added strain, pain, muscles tension in the hips, back, neck and legs. A good massage therapy will help you to get your body back into proper alignment. Massage allows the body tissues to get relax and loosen the tensed muscles and hence get you in proper posture.

Soften hard muscles and tissues

Aged people are less active, and this results in hardening and tightened muscles that eventually results in body pain. A massage session will soften your tissues and muscles by increasing blood flow.

Eases stroke recovery

48 hours bed rest is recommended after a stroke because of the fear of having another one. But now, people are advised to get up and move again. A massage therapy is helpful in stimulating the affected areas.

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