Benefits bamboo relaxing therapy

Benefits bamboo relaxing therapy

Using bamboo for massage is an innovative idea. Therapists use different types and size of bamboo in order to give a perfect bamboo massage. Generally, they use seven hollow bamboo sticks of different lengths and diameter. Usually, they use 4-15 inches bamboo for health and safety reasons. They use both straight & hard and flexible and light bamboos. Bamboos are also used to replicate the strokes in Swedish massage. Bamboos can be combined with Ayurvedic, Lymphatic Drainage, and Thai techniques according to the client’s needs. Smaller bamboo sticks are used to apply pressure and activate specific points of hands and feet during the massage session. Long bamboo sticks are used for gliding and rolling, primarily for larger muscles like back and thigh.

Benefits of Bamboo Massage to Client

There are numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits of bamboo massage. In short, it provides you with a deep sense of relaxation, inner wellbeing, and serenity. Following are some of the benefits of bamboo massage:

  • It helps to reduce insomnia
  • Reactivates blood circulation
  • It relieves migraines
  • Helps to manage respiratory disease
  • It increases muscles and joint flexibility
  • It helps to remove lactic acid in order to reduce pain
  • It relieves arthritic pain in shoulder and neck
  • It assists to improve sensory nerve perception and nervous system function
  • It repairs and nourishes the skin intensely

The Spiritual Connection of Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage has a powerful impact on your mind and general well being. It is a sustainable resource with ancient roots. The massage therapist nurtures the links to provide the deep experience to their clients.

The technique of Bamboo Massage

Massage therapists heat the bamboo sticks with heating pads before the bamboo massage. And then they roll the bamboo sticks on different parts of the body. Bamboo sticks are used to apply pressure, stroking and kneading techniques to stretch fascia in different directions. Some therapists use traditional Japanese massage, in which they use cups or the ends of stalks to apply acupuncture pressure on specific points.

Benefits of Bamboo Massage to Therapist

Bamboo massage is beneficial to a massage therapist as well. Using bamboo sticks for massage minimize stress on arms and fingers. Here we discuss some benefits to massage therapist:

  • Bamboo sticks are less expensive and long-lasting
  • It is easy to heat and clean, unlike hot stones
  • Bamboo massage is a safe and healthy way of massage in Dubai

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