Benefits of massage for working women

Benefits of massage for working women

If you’re spending your 9-5 sitting on a stiff chair dealing the corporate jumble, picking your kids from coaching and cooking your family some delicious dinner every day, you, my girl, need some “me-time”.

We cannot transmit enough motivation in you to get your first appointment, but researches keep telling us how massage can rid you of the back pain, headache, stress and almost all other tensions. Here are 5 reasons all working women should get a massage in Dubai.

Massage relieves your pain

As a working woman, your back might have been asking you to give it some rest. It is the time. Experts say how massage is one of the most effective ways to reduce muscle tension, headache, joint pains, digestive disorders and lower back pain and shoulder stretch.

Massage boosts your immune system

Not only in pain relief, but massage also helps you improve the functioning of your immune system. If you’re super busy working mom who doesn’t get enough time between office desk and kitchen counter, a weekly massage will keep you healthily for all the hectic routine of the coming week. The boosted activity of the immune system will help you stay away from infections such as flu and relaxed muscles will help you work productively for longer.

Massage helps you sleep better

Taking pills to sleep better is never a wise choice. You better get some workout, yoga or massage therapy to relieve the stress of your fragile feminine nerves. Research has shown that people who get massage sleep and perform better. If you have a big day tomorrow, just make a call and book your massage. It will help you sleep without turning and tossing around at night and you’ll wake up fresh and active in the morning.

Massage makes you productive

No neck pain, no spinal manipulation, no lower back aching, better sleep, fresh awakening and your cognition working on point! That’s what routinely massage for working women gets you.

Research shows that massage improves productivity and brainpower. And Forbes claims that this is the reason why 11% of companies started offering workplace massage in 2015 and 3% companies planned to add the services in their corporate set up in coming 12 months.

Massage is an insane mood lifter

As a working woman and a mom, you might find it difficult to keep calm while dealing with different life situations. You’ll have to deal your boss, colleagues, kids, their teachers, coaches and sometimes your relatives all within the same day of tight 24 hours. That can be insanely overwhelming, and you can affect your kids’ behavior with your jumpy attitude and mood swings. They say being a woman is not easy and they are right. You need to get it straight and massage is the best pills-free way to relax your nerves and uplift your mood. There are certain pain points in the body which when tensed can affect your emotional part and trigger the aggression. Massage is just a simple, 30 minutes solution to all your problems.

If you’re already convinced, great, but if you still have doubts, give it a first try and book your first massage right now with Armonia Spa. You won’t regret it.

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