Duties of a massage therapist

Duties of a massage therapist

A massage therapist is a professional who treats their client by using touch to manipulate soft tissues. A massage therapist can relieve pain, reduce stress, aid in general wellness and increase relaxation through different tools and techniques. A massage therapist is a new growing career opportunity for people seeking new and interesting opportunities. Today there are many job offers for massage therapists as this field has many benefits and people are demanding masseuses to treat them.

Massage therapist uses different tools like bamboo, stones etc. They also use lotion and oil to give massage to their clients. A therapist touches the client to treat their injuries and promote general wellness. They use their arms, legs, fingers and toes, palms, elbow etc to knead the muscles and soften the body tissues.

Duties and responsibilities of a massage therapist

A massage therapist is generally responsible for the following tasks:

  • Talk to their clients about their symptoms, medical history, and ask them what they want as a result and then treat them accordingly
  • They evaluate the clients to locate painful areas in their body
  • They provide proper guidance to clients on strengthening, stretching and overall relaxation
  • They also guide people to improve their body postures
  • They manipulate muscles and soft tissue of the body
  • They do the final documentation of client condition and progress

Qualities of a good massage therapist

  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Physical stamina
  • Physical strength and dexterity
  • Time management skills

How much money do massage therapists make?

Massage therapists make differing salaries depending on several factors like where they are working, what part of the country they are working, if they are working in a spa etc. One of the benefits of being a massage therapist is that you can create your own limits. How much you want to work is how much you are going to earn.

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