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Enjoy a massage with your partner

Enjoy a massage with your partner

A couple massage takes place in a room that is sufficient for two massage tables. It is a long session of massage and takes minimum 1 hour. The initial 5 minutes is for undressing and initial consultation then 50 minutes of hand massage and then last 5 minutes for redressing and recommendations. A couple massage is a wonderful massage experience with your partner. It has several benefits discussed as follows:

Benefits of Couple Massage

Bonding opportunities: It is a special experience shared between you and your partner that increases the bond in your relationship. People take couple massage session to build good relations through chat and conversations during the session. Sometimes people just simply get relax and enjoy their session with a comfortable silence. This experience brings couples together.

Personalized therapy together: Every individual has personal goals of getting a massage in Dubai. You can enjoy a personalized treatment together. Both the clients can receive different treatments according to their needs and requirements during the couple session. For example, one of the partners may be getting feet or hand massage while another one is experiencing a back massage.

Can spend time together: Generally, couples are busy with their daily schedule and are not able to spend quality time together. Well, getting a couple massage is a good idea to spend time together. You can spend a quality time with your partner during a couple massage sessions. The therapist offers you both 60 minutes and 90 minutes couples massage, so, this is a long time that you can spend with your partner.

Increase affection: A massage session will relieve muscle tension and release natural chemicals such as oxytocin in the body. When both the partners receive the chemical they will experience happiness, calmness, and pleasure during and after the massage.

Healing and healthy experience: Massage reduces muscle tension, stress, improves blood circulation, wipes out stiffness from muscles, boosts your immune system etc. If you and your partner strive to a healthy lifestyle, both of you can enjoy the benefits together.

Perfect for all kind of couples: It is perfect for all kinds of couples whether it is husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, mother or daughter or a massage with your best friend. Anyone can come and enjoy a couple massage together and make your bond stronger.

Increase comfort: Unlike solo massage, couple massage allows you to take a massage with someone you know. The familiarity between two people makes the session more comfortable and especially for the first-timers.

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