Stretching techniques after massage improves body flexibility

Stretching techniques after massage improves body flexibility

Physical exercise and deep massage affect body muscles in almost similar ways. Massage boosts the flow of blood and circulation to create friction in various tissues, which is almost similar to any vigorous movement. While applying massage, muscles and tissues pull away from each other to create loose feeling after you undergo with the treatment. Even massage counteracts with gravitational pull and daily compression experienced by individuals.

Post-massage stretching or stretching after massage therapy keeps bone joints mobile to maintain looseness in tissues and muscles with the aim to improve body’s flexibility. Furthermore, stretching techniques suggested by massage therapists post massage optimize overall body mechanism and reduce various risks related to strain, soreness and injury.

Common post-massage stretching techniques by massage therapists

Massage therapists recommend post-massage type of stretching techniques based on your body movements and its limitations. However, a few of the techniques are common, which include-

Forward fold stretch

Therapists recommend you bending slowly at your waist by keeping the arms and shoulders in relaxed position. Specialty of this technique is that you only have to dangle the upper body in its place and allow the gravitational force to decompress the spinal cord. To release tension, you only have to sway between sides slowly, while you should drop the chin towards the chest, so that the neck does not work for holding your head. When you return for standing, you should do it slowly by keeping the knees in bend position.

Bend and standing arm pull

A large number of massage therapists recommend for bend and standing arm pull type of stretching technique after massage therapy. Accordingly, you have to stand with proper alignment of your spine. Next, you should stretch the arms overhead, while reach the fingertips alternatively of your hand as high as possible. Moreover, you should keep the arms stretches over your head and lean from sides. You should make sure that the stretching activity lets you feel the stretch in the oblique and ribs muscles. To make the stretch deep, you should pull and grasp the right wrist/arm while you bend towards left and vice versa.

Cat-cow stretch position

You have to take a deep breath, sink the back towards the flow, stretch the tailbone, while keep the forehead upward towards the sky. After this, you should exhale as well as curve the spinal cord, fold the nose towards knees. Furthermore, you should keep the knees and palms over the floor for the whole time, while repeat the steps for about 1 minute.

Knee-hold position

Lastly, therapists recommend for knee-hold position type of stretch technique after your massage therapy. Accordingly, you have to bring one of your knees towards the chest by lying on the back and hold the same in its proper place via clasped hands. You have to switch the knees after every half-minute or 1-minute.

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