Tips to Overcome Nervousness of a Massage

Tips to Overcome Nervousness of a Massage

Almost all first-timers feel anxious, worried or nervous while going for the massage therapy. If you’re one of them, you might feel bombarded with countless questions and self-conscious red alerts.

How would it feel? What would the therapist do? How many clothes must you leave on? Will it be comfortable?

If it feels like you, we have got some tips to help you how you can overcome nervousness of a massage.

1. Don’t be shy

The first thing you must tell yourself is that your health and wellness is more important than your nervousness of getting treated by a massage therapist. If you’ve chosen a spa with trustable and certified therapists like Armonia Spa in Dubai, you will feel at home on the massage table with someone helping you get relax without breaching your privacy. Massage is a professional medical treatment just like other treatments such as laser or surgery, your shyness must not keep you from getting the best health facilities.

2. Talk the anxiety out

If you’re worried about whether or not you’re allowed to talk to the therapist, calm down. Professionally, massage therapists keep the conversation to the health and wellness boundaries such as asking about your issues and the pressure points etc. But if you want to talk about something non-offensive and general, you can. You are even encouraged to talk if you feel uncomfortable at any point during the massage. If you think the therapist is going beyond your limits, all you have to do is ask, you have all the rights to do that.

3. Fall asleep if you feel like

If your nervousness of a massage is about the chances of you falling asleep at the massage table and drool or snort, that’s completely fine. Many people get so relaxed during the massage that they fall asleep. If you snort, the therapist has nothing to do with your snorting, they are professional, and they treat you like that.

4. Own your imperfections

If you have certain insecurities and you’re self-conscious about your body parts or scars, you must relax. Massage therapists at the spa are not to judge you by your body but to provide you with peace and relaxation. Whether you’ve shaved your legs or not, whether your feet are pretty or not does not matter in the spa. Your body is always covered with the sheet and you’re the treated only the way you want to.

In case you just cannot bear the exposure, you can choose the massage which focuses on certain parts and misses the others or the one which can be done with the clothes on.

5. Need to visit the washroom

If you are afraid because you might need to go to the washroom during the massage, you do not need to be nervous about that at all. This is a common and basic human behavior. However, it is advised to use the washroom before the massage because holding the bladder might interfere with your relaxation.

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