Various massage therapies

Various massage therapies

Types of massage therapy

Swedish massage therapy

Swedish massage is the most common massage. It is a full body massage; the main aim of Swedish massage is to relax the entire body. It increases the level of oxygen in the blood and decrease muscle toxins that improves blood circulation. Swedish massage is good for beginners. Most of the people want to get 50-60 minutes of deep Swedish massage. It is a gentle massage and depends upon the style or techniques of a therapist.

Aromatherapy massage

It is best when you don’t want a muscle kneading massage session. This massage in Dubai is done by applying aromatic or essential oils to your body. These oils are 100 % natural and extracted from plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits, bark and leaves. Essential oils are used because they have high healing properties. There are 400 essential oils but only 40 are used in aromatherapy. Different oils are used for different types of healings such as:

  • Lavender, chamomile and geranium oil for calming
  • Clary sage, rose oil, and neroli oil for uplifting
  • Rosemary oil for energizing
  • Pine oil, eucalyptus oil etc are used for decongesting.

Hot stone massage

As the name suggests, in hot stone massage, the therapist uses hot stones and places them on different parts of your body. The stones used in this massage are flat and are made of basalt; a volcanic rock. This is used because of the heat retaining the property of this rock. Stones are heated at 130-145 degree and then placed on some specific body parts like along the spine, on the stomach, palms, feet, face, toes etc. The heat of stones goes deep down to your body and recovers the damaged tissues.

Shiatsu Massage

It is a type of Japanese massage based on the traditional ideas of Chinese medicine. In this, the pressure is applied through hands, fingers, and feet on your body. It heals the ailments and balances the imbalance in the body. It relieves headaches, helps in reducing insomnia, aids healing from sprain and small injuries. It is also beneficial for patients suffering from arthritis, chronic neck and back pain, bronchitis etc.

Thai Massage

It is an ancient massage developed by Buddhists in Thailand many years ago. In this therapy, a gentle pressure is applied along the body and it also uses passive stretching. The therapist used their body weight to move your body in various directions for passive stretching. This is done fully clothed and is good for you if you feel uncomfortable with nudity.

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