What are the symptoms?

What are the symptoms?

Muscle knots generally happen because of lazy lifestyle where no physical activities are involved. Not only this, but it can also happen because of excessive exercising our participating in outdoor sports and acquiring a poor posture. A poor diet also has to do a lot with muscle knots. The most common places where muscle knots occur are; shoulders back and neck. They generally occur in the glute muscles. These cause ache in all parts of the body which act as a great hindrance in our day to day lives.

The most common symptoms of muscle knots are aching ears, teeth, and also headaches. People are also known to experience increased levels of stress and anxiety.

What is the treatment of muscle knots?

To treat this condition, soothing of the inflamed nerves is necessary. There are many ways in which one can get rid of muscle knots:


Rest is one of the most effective ways to treat muscle knots. The activity which has caused the muscle knot should be stooped immediately and a complete bed rest should be taken. Try to focus on such activities which are causing you discomfort and pain. Stop doing them as soon as possible. The more comfortable you are the quickly your body will heal.


Mild stretching is also a good way of healing muscle knots. This helps to release the tension. Nothing should be done forcefully or against your body. You can do this with stretchers; hold them for 30 seconds and release them slowly.


One of the best types of exercises which should be practiced is aerobics. It can really work wonders. For knots in neck and shoulder; swimming, exercising with jumping sacks can be tried. This helps to increase the blood flow and circulation in the body.

Cold and hot therapy

This will help to get rid of inflammation and would reduce your body pain to a large amount. A cold compress can be used for sold therapy while on the other hand, you can use a hot bag for heat therapy. An alternate application of heat and cold is also effective.

Point pressure release

Doctors at time recommend for a massage therapy or a point pressure therapy for the treatment. But this cannot be done at home. You need to visit a therapist or a physiotherapy center. This will not only help in the treatment of the muscle knots but also you can easily overcome the stiffness and pain of the muscles.

As people say, prevention is always better than cure. So you must always try to sit in the correct posture and exercise regularly. But do make sure to consult a doctor before doing anything on your own.

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