Why must you add a massage to your New Year resolution list?

Why must you add a massage to your New Year resolution list?

We have often seen people setting health and wellness goals at the start of each year. This is indeed a good thing. But ultimately, they fail to acquire such motivation at the start of the year and ultimately end up doing nothing. But let that not deter you from achieving your own goals this New Year – begin by including a massage in your routine.

Here are 10 good reasons why:

  1. Feel rejuvenated – Kick start your New Year with a much healthier lifestyle, better relationships, and positivity all around you. A massage can rejuvenate you and boost your mood.
  2. Feel fit – Relax and tone your muscles with a massage and let the blood flow appropriately to all parts of your body. You will feel that overall sense of wellbeing and positivity.
  3. Get rid of stress: Cortisol is a hormone which suppresses the reproductive, immune, digestive and cellular growth systems. Regular massage therapy will help you to get rid of this stress hormone and live freely.
  4. Reduce anxiety: Massage therapy can help people to get rid of their anxiety. Massage is helpful not only for adults or old aged people but also for children. Anxiety can arise from many places; be it your workplace or school or home. Massage can really act wonders.
  5. Manage chronic illness: Doctors often suggest regular massaging for such people who have recently recovered from diseases or is going through some chronic illnesses. Certain researches have shown that massage can work like a miracle Parkinson’s. It helps to reduce improve the condition of the patient and help reduce the resting tremors.
  6. Relieve pain: Massage has often helped people to overcome many painful situations like body pain from serious illness or pain caused by People have also overcome their emotional instability.
  7. Chuck those medicines: Medicines have often caused side effects to most of the people. Treating a disease or illness naturally is the best possible thing. An hour of Swedish massage can really work wonders for patients who suffer from chronic diseases.
  8. Boost digestion: If you have a low metabolism and experience nausea or bloating frequently, then a massage can alleviate these symptoms effectively. It improves your bowel movements and overall digestive power.
  9. Get better sleep: Massage increases the flow of blood in the body which refers to a better blood circulation. Most of the youngsters now suffer from sleep disorders and insomnia. Massage can also recover this problem.
  10. Stay happy: It also helps to lighten the mood of the people. People often go for regular massage sessions to relieve the mental stress and pressure.

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