Hot Stone

Hot Stones Massage in Dubai

75 MIN – 755 AED

At Armonia Spa, we invite you to experience the extraordinary relaxation and healing powers of Hot Stone Massage, a centuries-old practice that has stood the test of time. Originating from Native American traditions, this unique massage therapy employs heated basalt stones to unlock a realm of physical and mental well-being.

Understanding Hot Stone Massage Technique

What is hot stone massage?

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient therapeutic technique that involves the use of heated basalt stones. These stones, chosen for their ability to retain heat, are applied to the body to warm up tight muscles, allowing therapists to work more deeply and effectively.

Why basalt stones?

Basalt stones are the preferred choice due to their superior heat retention and smooth, pore-free surface, ensuring maximum comfort for our clients. The stones come in various sizes, with larger ones used on major muscle groups and smaller ones for more intricate areas.

How does hot stone massage work?

The process begins with the therapist immersing the basalt stones in hot water. While the stones heat up, clients receive a gentle Swedish massage to prepare the body. The therapist then strategically places the stones on the body, using larger ones for muscle groups and smaller ones for specific areas. As the stones cool, traditional massage techniques may be incorporated to enhance the overall experience.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage in Dubai

How do hot stones help in relieving muscle tension?

The application of heat to alleviate muscle pain has been a longstanding practice. Hot Stone Massage effectively targets and releases tension, providing relief to tight muscles.

How does hot stone massage contribute to sleep enhancement?

By promoting the relaxation of key muscles, such as those in the shoulders, neck, back, and chest, Hot Stone Massage becomes a natural enhancer of sleep quality.

How does hot stone massage impact circulation in the body?

The heat from the stones causes blood vessels to dilate, improving blood circulation and facilitating a faster delivery of oxygen and nutrients to various organs.

How does hot stone massage improve immunity?

Through the drainage of the lymphatic system and the reduction of arginine levels, Hot Stone Massage contributes to an enhanced immune system.

How does hot stone massage contribute to mental health improvement?

Lowering stress and anxiety levels, Hot Stone Massage can be a valuable ally in the fight against mental conditions such as depression. Additionally, the metabolic boost and improved blood circulation contribute to an uplifted mood over time.

In what ways can hot stone massage help alleviate cancer symptoms?

For individuals dealing with painful cancer symptoms, Hot Stone Massage offers relief by addressing pain, stress, and anxiety levels, making the recovery process more tolerable.

How does hot stone massage contribute to an improved skin appearance?

Increased blood circulation results in improved oxygen delivery to the skin, working wonders for scars and stretch marks.

How does hot stone massage provide an energy boost?

The enhanced blood circulation leads to a physical and mood boost, providing clients with increased vitality and well-being.

Hot Stone Massage in Practice

What are the stones used in hot stone massage made of?

The stones used in Hot Stone Massage are made of basalt, a volcanic rock chosen for its heat retention properties.

How are the stones sanitized and prepared for hot stone massage?

Prior to the massage, the basalt stones are sanitized and heated in water at temperatures ranging from 125° to 250° for optimal effectiveness.

What is the temperature range of the water used to heat the stones?

The water temperature for heating the stones typically ranges from 125° to 250°, ensuring the stones reach an ideal therapeutic temperature.

What are some common areas of the body where hot stones are typically placed during a massage?

Hot stones are strategically placed on the spine and different parts of the client's body, with larger stones used on major muscle groups and smaller ones for specific areas.

How do hot stone massages benefit patients with autoimmune disorders?

Patients with autoimmune disorders can experience reduced pain and increased mobility through Hot Stone Massage, making it a valuable therapeutic option.


Hot Stone Massage has roots in Native American traditions, showcasing its ancient origins. At Armonia Spa, we embrace this time-honored practice to provide our clients with a holistic approach to relaxation and well-being.