1 MIN - 10 AED

To ensure you achieve the best result, we feature only the very best equipment and lotions in the tanning industry. We proudly present SPORTARREDO booths. Italian famous solarium booths SPORTARREDO are now exclusively available in Armonia Spa in Fraser Suites Hotel Dubai. The lateral openings exclude any claustrophobic problems, and it still gives you beautiful, golden and healthy tan quickly. Our new generation lamps, brought from Italy are here to help your body to produce more of Vitamin D to maintain beautiful and healthy skin and body.

We are committed providing our clients with superior service, with carefully selected tanning activating lotions and most importantly RESULTS.

1min- 10 AED
50min- 450 AED
100min- 750 AED

Whatever the weather in Dubai, the people are accustomed to moving from one air conditioning to the other. It would be a nice thing to have a tan as most people consider it to be an elite procedure. There is no doubting the fact that there are a lot of Europeans here in this city and we at Armonia Spa understand that you want to experience a professional tanning service. Artificial tans are produced by a device which gives out ultraviolet radiation in moderate and calculated amounts. Tanning became popular way back in the 1920s when Coco Chanel returned back from her holidays and said that it was “chic” to have a golden tan.

When you enter a tanning booth, it is extremely necessary to apply tanning lotion which does not have sunscreen in it. They usually have moisturizing elements like Aloe Vera. Goggles should be worn at all times to protect the eyes from potentially harmful rays. Again, with tanning whether artificial or natural, it is more women and girls who opt for it rather than men or children. The number one reason people want to have a tan is that they are going on holiday and want a pre-holiday treatment done. This can also help in treating an existing skin condition.

At Armonia Spa, we have the top tanning lotions along with the most exclusive equipment to augment your every tan. We have imported from Italy, the SPORTARREDO, which is world famous and the top of the list in tanning booths. In this state of the art machine, there are openings on the lateral side and this will make sure that you do not feel suffocated while in it. The lamps are also from Italy and we can assure you that this is the best tanning process available in all of Dubai.